Big Dogs Don’t Bluff

How a Character Can Interrupt Your Story Sometimes characters do things on their own. Things you don’t want them to do. You shouldn’t be surprised. It happens in real life too. I learned that lesson the hard way, and once again, through one of my animals. This time the culprit was Briella, the giant Great […]

Toning Down the Truth

Sometimes You Have to Lie to Make Your Writing Believable My first book was published in April, and in late May I got emails from a few readers. Two of them said how much they loved the book, but they found it difficult to believe that six-year-old kids would have been smoking. Everything else they […]

Why My Characters Drink Coffee

Why My Characters Drink Coffee I had a few readers write to me and ask why my characters drink so much coffee. The first email I got, I brushed off. Maybe they’re not a coffee drinker, I thought. But then I got another, and yet one more. At that point I was forced to give […]

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  • This blog will be a little different from many you see. Contrary to the characters in my books, I don’t really kill people, or catch those who do, so the blogs might be about reading, or writing, or animals. These are the things I have great passion for. It might also contain posts about food, or ancestry, or substance abuse. My oldest son is a great cook. My daughter is a genealogist ( and my youngest son is a recovering drug addict. He has been clean for three years, and runs a rehab center (

    I hope you enjoy the posts, and please let me know what you think.



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