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Murder Takes Time

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“A nuanced debut that upends genre stereotypes and readers’ expectations.” – Kirkus Review (Read more)

Giacomo Giammatteo, may be the Mario Puzo of our time. His debut novel is breathtaking and groundbreaking. He creates a story that involves the conflicts of reality that pull at us from both sides of the tracks. This isn’t your typical mob story. –eNovel Reviews. (Read more)

“Murder Takes Time” by Giacomo Giammatteo, is one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read. The goose bumps on my arms will attest to that! -Reader Views. (Read more)

Giammatteo takes his crime novel to a new level and… puts the characters through the wringer, so the reader knows each one intimately.  – SPReview (Read more)

Giammatteo grips you by the throat in the first two chapters. OnFictionWriting  (Read more)


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