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A Bullet for Carlos

Blood Flows South series

Family and honor are everything

978-0-9850302-3-0 (ebook)
978-0-9850302-4-7 (Paperback)
Published by Inferno Publishing Company

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(Book I in the Blood Flows South series)

Detective Connie Gianelli loves her family and her reputation as an honest cop. But her world is threatened when a drug bust goes bad, leaving two cops dead and the drugs missing. Now Internal Affairs is tearing her life apart. It’s up to Connie to figure out who killed her partners and took the drugs—dirty cops or Uncle Dominic’s friends. And she has to do it before IA pins the whole damn thing on her.

She heads to Houston under the guise of working a cold-case homicide, but the real reason is to find Carlos Cortes, the drug lord behind her partner’s killing. Houston is a strange town to her, and she needs someone familiar with the people and the streets. What she finds is Tip Denton, a maverick cop with take-no-prisoners attitude.

A week after she gets to Houston, the cold-case killer strikes again, a brutal murder identical to the one in New York. While Connie and Tip work to stop the killer, she continues her search for Carlos and the missing drugs.

But she isn’t the only one looking for the drugs—Carlos is, too, and if he has to kill a few more cops to get his goods back, so much the better.

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