Launch of New Mystery Book

Launch of A Bullet From Dominic I’m thrilled to announce the long-awaited launch of my new mystery book— A Bullet From Dominic, the sequel to A Bullet For Carlos, in the Blood Flows South series. A Bullet From Dominic features Detective Connie Gianelli and Tip Denton, with a special appearance by Hector “Ribs” Delgado, who you will recognize from Necessary […]

Creating a Successful Mystery Book

Creating a Successful Mystery Book When you talk about creating a mystery book, there is one huge looming question that needs to be answered first—what kind of mystery book are you talking about? A cozy mystery is different than a hard-boiled detective, and a police procedural is quite different than a thriller. Each one of […]

Launch of New Book

Necessary Decisions, A Redemption Novel I’m writing to announce the launch of Necessary Decisions, the first book in my new Redemption Series. Necessary Decisions features Detective Gino Cataldi and his partner, Hector “Ribs” Delgado. It takes place in Houston, Texas. A Thriller That Won’t Let Go A cop who pushes the limits of the law… […]

7 New Killer Thrillers

It’s Finally HERE! DOWNLOAD 7 HOT NEW THRILLERS From BESTSELLING AUTHORS Select titles discounted for a limited time – WIN Autographed Paperbacks Monday, Mar. 5 – Wednesday Mar. 7   WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING “[TRACES OF KARA] Psychological suspense at its best, weaving a tight-knit plot, unrelenting action, and tense moments that don’t let up, […]

How to Transform Your Novel into a Bestseller

5 Secrets to Writing Success Warning: This post contains sarcasm. The publishing industry is a complicated business…but there are certain absolutes: Publishers want to publish bestsellers. Agents want to represent bestsellers. Writers want to write bestsellers. Readers want to read bestsellers. Not all writers have the vision to predict or anticipate what will be the […]

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  • This blog will be a little different from many you see. Contrary to the characters in my books, I don’t really kill people, or catch those who do, so the blogs might be about reading, or writing, or animals. These are the things I have great passion for. It might also contain posts about food, or ancestry, or substance abuse. My oldest son is a great cook. My daughter is a genealogist ( and my youngest son is a recovering drug addict. He has been clean for three years, and runs a rehab center (

    I hope you enjoy the posts, and please let me know what you think.



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