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World’s Record-Most Books Written in One Year

World’s Record for Most Books Written in One Year

As many of you know, back in early 2015, I suffered two heart attacks and two strokes. I was about as close to death as I ever want to be, but thanks to the magnificent staff at Tirr—in particular, Trang, Mithu, Clayci, Faustin, and others—I was released about 3 1/2 months later, and with continued therapy was able to learn to type again. As my mother used to say, “There is always a silver lining”, and after learning to type again, I was able to set the world’s record for most books written in one year.

The first year after the stroke was a lost cause. I couldn’t do anything; in fact, I had a tube peg in my stomach to allow me to eat until after Christmas. But 2016 showed great improvement, and the therapy really paid off in 2017. About one month ago, I managed to break the world’s record for most books written  in one year. The record was 30. My total was 37.

That’s a book about every ten days. And these aren’t cheesy, sloppy books either. They’re getting good reviews, and they cover many genres: mystery; science fiction; fantasy; nonfiction, including grammar, writing, publishing, productivity; and children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction. The children’s books are smaller—some from 60-100 pages—but the fantasies are much larger. two of them weighing in at more than 800 pages. The mysteries are about 400 pages. All told, the page count is about 7200. For those of you who are mathematically challenged—that’s about twenty-four 300-page books, or about 1,800,000 words. I have two more mysteries that are almost done but not quite. They’ll have to wait until next year.

None of this would have been possible without the continual support from the aforementioned tremendous therapists and exercise physiologists. They have inspired me and driven me to improvement. I also need to mention the dedication and hard work of my magnificent cover designer, Tasha Brown, who I know I drove crazy, but she persevered and produced great covers. Also a great group of editors (mostly Eschler Editing but a few others filled in the gaps) for their continued support, and to Vellum, the best formatting software I’ve ever seen. I had to resort to learning to use Vellum—which isn’t difficult—and doing the formatting myself to ensure it got done on time. Also many thanks also to a small army of beta readers, who provided great feedback. Special thanks to Jeanne Haskin for her amazingly quick reading and invaluable insight.

You can buy Vellum here

One more note: I need to give thanks to Text Expander™ for making such a magnificent app. It is the best writing shortcut app ever (and I’ve tried about 7), and without it, I would have never been able to break the record. It saved me that much time. Click on the link below to buy. most books written in one year

So for all of you who may think life is over when you’re disabled or forced into retirement—it isn’t. There is plenty left to do. As my therapists say “Put your mind to it, and it can be done.” Who knows, work hard enough and you may break the world’s record for most books written in one year.

And as always, if you want a free book, write to me and tell me which book. All I ask for is an honest review in exchange, but I do expect a review.

You can see all my books here or here or download the free reading list at any of the retailers.

  most books written in one year

And just in case you missed some—which I’m sure you did—I’ve included a list of all the books released in the past year.

1. A collection of animal stories, Sanctuary Tales, Volume II

  • A Hard Life
  • A Promise of Vengeance
  • eBook Distribution
  • Editing Made Easy, No Mistakes Writing, Volume III
  • How to Format an eBook
  • How to Publish an eBook
  • How to Write a Bestseller, No Mistakes Writing, Volume II
  • life and then Some
  • Life on the Farm For Kids, Volume I, Shinobi Goes to School
  • Life on the Farm for Kids, Volume II, Coco Gets a Donut
  • Life on the Farm for Kids, Volume III, Fiona Gets Caught
  • Life on the Farm for Kids, Volume IV, Squeak Gets a Home
  • Life on the Farm for Kids, Volume V, Biscotti Saves Punch
  • Light of Lights
  • Memories For Sale
  • Misused Words
  • Misused Words for Business
  • More Misused Words
  • Misused Words and Then Some
  • More animal stories, Sanctuary Tales, Volume III
  • Murder Is Invisible
  • No Mistakes Grammar for Kids, Volume IV, would’ve, should’ve
  • No Mistakes Grammar For Kids, Volume I, Much and Many
  • No Mistakes Grammar For Kids, Volume II, Lie and Lay
  • No Mistakes Grammar for Kids, Volume III, Bring and Take and It’s and Its
  • No Mistakes Grammar for Kids, Volume V, They’re, Their, and There.
  • Premeditated
  • Promises Kept
  • Print on Demand—Who to Use to Print Your Books
  • Surviving a Stroke—or Two
  • The Joshua Citadel
  • Undeniable Vengeance, Rules of Vengeance, Volume II
  • Uneducated
  • Visual Grammar, No Mistakes Grammar, Volumes I, II, and III
  • Whiskers and Bear
  • writing shortcuts

Bonus Promotion

To celebrate this achievement, I’m going to put all fifty of my books on sale for 99c beginning November 1. They will stay on sale for one month.

In addition, I’ll be giving away a new Kindle Fire Tablet. Go to my website or Facebook page to enter.

And do me a favor and tell your friends about the books and the sale. You’ll help feed some animals.

By the way, that’s it for the year. I’m going to try and finish my two mysteries, and I’ve got a screenplay I’m working on, but I don’t expect to publish anything else this year.

Ciao, and thanks for reading,



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  • Text Expander™

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