Talking Dogs and Good Storytelling

Talking Dogs and Good Storytelling What Makes Good Storytelling No matter the media, good storytelling requires good material. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, a movie, or a joke—the material has to be good. But even good material isn’t enough. Any comedian can tell you horror tales of jokes that fell flat or audiences […]

Review of They Die Alone

Book Recommendation Since many of you are mystery, suspense, and crime readers, I thought I’d share a new author I found that I think is fantastic. I’m always looking for new authors and not much is more exciting than finding a fresh new voice. Also, just so that you’ll know, when I do reviews, I […]

Writers Don’t Buy Books

The only books writers buy are advice books: how to write, how to edit, how to create dynamic plots. The list goes on and on. But writers do not buy fiction books. Excuse Me While I Dodge Stones I know. I hear all the writers screaming. I buy books. A lot of books. I understand […]

Launch of New Book

Necessary Decisions, A Redemption Novel I’m writing to announce the launch of Necessary Decisions, the first book in my new Redemption Series. Necessary Decisions features Detective Gino Cataldi and his partner, Hector “Ribs” Delgado. It takes place in Houston, Texas. A Thriller That Won’t Let Go A cop who pushes the limits of the law… […]

Invisible Characters

What is an Invisible Character? There are two kinds of invisible characters: those you create intentionally, and those you create by mistake. If you use beta readers, you’ll spot the mistakes quickly. They’ll be the characters that your readers don’t remember the names of. Or what they looked like, or what role they played in […]

The Writer’s Toolbox

What Do Your Characters Look Like? Many writers don’t take advantage of the most powerful tool in their arsenal—imagination. Whenever you get the urge to tell us how beautiful your characters are, or how perfect their nose is, or their body, or how enchanting the eyes are, down to the perfect shade of blue…stop! Don’t […]

The Mystery Of A Good Book

What Makes A Good Book? To me, all good books are mysteries—in some fashion. I don’t mean there is a corpse or a detective in all good books, but there is usually a question that readers want the answer to, a puzzle that has to be solved, a character with a mysterious past—something. It is […]

Is Storytelling Genetic?

Is Storytelling Genetic? What makes a good story? How come some books you can’t put down, have to turn the page, start a new chapter, and others…might be good, but if you go to bed late and are tired, the book waits for the next day. How about movies. Some movies you can leave running […]

What’s Rong Wit a Few Misteaks?

Mistakes Show Up in Many Ways Imagine buying a new computer only to discover that the percentage key doesn’t work, or that five pixels on your screen aren’t working. Or how about a new refrigerator, and the first time you have guests over you discover the ice maker taps out after half an hour. (I’ve […]

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up I was reading a book the other night, and when I finished I went to write a review for it. I wondered, does this get a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down?” Since it was a damn good book I gave it a thumbs up. But did I do right? Whenever I see […]

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