Christmas and Lasagna

Lasagna Is Part of Christmas If food isn’t one of your priorities, you might want to skip this post. On the other hand, if you want to see what a great Christmas dinner looks like, read on. Family And Food My apologies for missing a few weeks of posts, but family and holidays take precedence, […]

Foods To Die For

Figs With Gorgonzola I had my annual stress test yesterday. I normally avoid scheduling any such test in the month of July for a number of reasons, but the number one reason is because of figs. You heard me right—figs! They are at the top of my list when it comes to foods to die for. […]

What Food Is Served In Heaven?

A Late Thank You for a Father’s Day Gift Being a person who cherishes a well-prepared meal—and being Catholic besides—I have often wondered what food is served in heaven. And that is making a huge assumption that I earn my way there. Sure-Fire Menu Items I know a few things that are can’t miss items. And these alone are […]

What Father’s Day Means To Me

What Do Newspapers, Money Clips, and Garlic Have To Do With Life? I lost my father when I was still a young man of 27. That’s a lot more time than many people get, but it was too early for him to go. I still had a lot to learn. But every year on father’s […]

How To Cook A Character

How To Cook A Character Characters form the basis for all good writing. It doesn’t matter how good your storytelling is, or how intricate and complex the plot, if you don’t have great characters your novel won’t shine. I have come to realize that character development is very similar to cooking, especially cooking red sauce. […]

World’s Greatest Hamburger

World’s Greatest Hamburger My brother will be surprised to know this post is about him—especially since it’s not a tribute to his death. How did this come about, you ask? I was reading a book and, about halfway through, the author described yet another character with superlatives. I thought about it and realized that the […]

Why I Quit Drinking Coffee

Why I Quit Drinking Coffee I love coffee. I like coffee even more than wine. So imagine my distress when several of my doctors ganged up on me and warned me off of coffee, or at least the vast amount that I consume. I used to drink about 1/5–1/4 of a pound per day, which […]

Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Wrongful Thoughts Have you ever had one of those thoughts where you judge somebody before you get to know them? Maybe because of their skin color, sexual persuasion, the way they dress or where they live—or their religion? On any given day you can search the news and find horrible stories of prejudice, hate crimes, […]

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  • This blog will be a little different from many you see. Contrary to the characters in my books, I don’t really kill people, or catch those who do, so the blogs might be about reading, or writing, or animals. These are the things I have great passion for. It might also contain posts about food, or ancestry, or substance abuse. My oldest son is a great cook. My daughter is a genealogist ( and my youngest son is a recovering drug addict. He has been clean for three years, and runs a rehab center (

    I hope you enjoy the posts, and please let me know what you think.



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