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Finding Family review by Readers’ Favorites

Giacomo Giammatteo has written a vivid tale of life in the streets for a Sicilian immigrant in New York in the 1960s. Finding Family: A Mystery Novella is a page-turner with plenty of action, but plenty of deep feeling as well. Giacomo expertly captures the devotion to family and especially Domenico’s devotion to Zappe, which his mother has passed on to him. Thrilling, heartbreaking and realistic, Finding Family: A Mystery Novella starts off the Blood Flows South series like a shot from a pistol.

Finding Family review by Now Is Gone (Katy Sozaeva)

One thing that Giacomo Giammatteo does very well is to show how a basically decent man slowly goes bad out of need and desperation and desire to care for his family. I love the fact that his characters are so layered and multidimensional. If you have read and enjoyed A Bullet for Carlos, do not miss this one.

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