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Murder Takes Patience

Friendship & Honor Series

There was a time when a person’s word meant something, when friendship was more than a quick hello or a meaningless handshake. When you didn’t give your word lightly, and honor was something people were proud of.

Nicky Fusco and Frankie Donovan grew up in those times, and they’ve never forgotten the code.

Read the Friendship & Honor series. See what you’re missing.

• Murder Takes Time
• Murder Has Consequences
• Murder Takes Patience   

Murder Takes Patience—Pre-Order Now

Book III in the Friendship & Honor Series

Even good people are haunted by nightmares. Some are kept awake by things they did in the past: Lies they told, people they cheated, laws they broke.

The ones who lived the worst lives are haunted by more than lies or broken laws. Their sleep is stolen by the people they killed.

Nicky Fusco isn’t like any of them. He’s not bothered by lies, or broken laws. Not even by the people he’s killed.

Nicky is kept awake by the people he hasn’t killed yet.

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Giacomo Giammatteo

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