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Murder Takes Time Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews of Murder Takes Time: (See full reviews in book menu)

Murder Takes Time plows through your mind like a freight train. Heavy hitting and well crafted, this book is not for the weak of heart (or stomach!) This is a new breed of book.

Reviewed by Keri English for Indie Reader


This is a truly honest portrayal of characters and one of the best mob-related mysteries that I have ever read.

Review by Mary Lignor, The Feathered Quill 


Giammatteo turns a genre stereotype on its head with a smart balance of conflicting perspectives that emotionally involve the reader in the New York underworld and its dirty players. The author digs deep to find a balance between a psychological thriller and a coming-of-age story. A nuanced debut that upends genre stereotypes and readers’ expectations.

Kirkus Review


The author of Murder Takes Time, Giacomo Giammatteo, may be the Mario Puzo of our time. Giammatteo’s debut novel is breathtaking and groundbreaking.

eNovel Reviews 


DYNAMIC read by this debut author! This book kicked off on page one with a gritty murder to introduce the reader to the theme of the book and didn’t stop until the end! I would put this author’s works up against authors such as Mario Puzo any day of the week.

Kirkus Reviews nailed it when they called this book “A nuanced debut that upends genre stereotypes and readers’ expectations.” This is the calibre of book that I refer to when I say that Indie authors can play on the same playground as traditionally published authors any day of the week and those who refuse to read Indie authors are missing out!

Review by Naomi Blackburn of A Book and a Review. (#11 ranked reviewer at Goodreads)


Giammatteo brings new life to the typical detective murder story. In this tale, there is a lot of right, wrong and terribly, frighteningly gray. The characters are smoothly real and the tragedy of the way these lives move brought tears to the eyes of this reviewer. The final betrayal is brokenheartedly realistic.

Reviewed by Chris Phillips, Bestsellersworld

I found myself totally captivated. “Murder Takes Time” by Giacomo Giammatteo, is one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read. The goose bumps on my arms will attest to that! Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views 


Giammatteo wastes no time with long drawn out paragraphs, slowly intensifying into action. He gets right into the thick of it immediately, with the first murder taking place on page three. It is not your ordinary run of the mill murder either, as it involves a baseball bat, a shot glass, and a pair of tongs.

What follows is an action-packed book that never slows down. The writing is gripping and fast moving. The reader is reeled in immediately in the opening pages and the non-stop action doesn’t stop delivering until the last page is turned.

Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads


This book is not a murder mystery. It’s not a crime drama. It’s not a mob story. It is much more. It’s a horror story. It’s a warm reflection on youth and friendship. It’s a tragedy. It’s an innocent love story. It’s a gritty descent into violence. It’s a hard look at love, honor, revenge and redemption. It is a complex story that will demand your full attention.

This is the best book you will read this year.

Review by Seeley James. (Kindle Book Review)


There are many crime drama writers today that I enjoy but very few of them managed to encapsulate into one tale the compelling ties of family, loyalty, friendship, love, trust, betrayal, honor and romance that fill the pages of this book. Thrilling story, riveting plot, fantastically real characters all combined to make this one of my favorites for 2012 reading experiences!

Jackie Burris




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